Myriam Turenne





After more than ten years in the advertising field as an artistic director, the daily stress drained my energy and my joie de vivre. I had to change lanes, change direction in order to regain serenity. I have always been passionate about yoga, and devoting myself to it full time slowly but surely became my clearest path. I then went to India, and from that moment, my life has changed.


All that I experienced in India made me discover my true reason to live. That year was a year of experimentation and incredible changes. While rummaging through a small book shop in the south of the country (Kochi), I stumbled on the book Music and Mantras: The Yoga of Mindful Singing for Health, Happiness, Peace & Prosperity by Girish, a musician and Californian singer known around the world. He combined my two passions: music and yoga. I immediately enrolled in his online harmonium lessons and after only a few lessons, he invited me to sing with him, took me under his wing and our chemistry was instantaneous. It was from this moment that my voice, which sought to express itself but which, terrorized, was killed too long for fear of being judged, was released. The album Invincible is the fruit of this extraordinary encounter, but also the symbol of my transformation. Today, I have the incredible opportunity to share my passion with you.



“ Someone once asked me what I would do with millions of dollars. The first thing that came to my mind is: I will make a music album with the best musicians in the world. Sometimes, dreams really can come true.”





The mantras that we chant are in Sanskrit – a sacred language of ancient India that is no longer spoken. A mantra is a sound vibration through which we mindfully focus our thoughts, our feelings, and our highest intentions. The word mantra is derived from two Sanskrit words—manas (mind) and tra (tool). Mantra literally means “a tool for the mind,” and was designed to help practitioners access a higher power and their true natures. You can choose to sing mantras out loud (chanting) or to say it silently to yourself as a focus of meditation.